Development Camp

Designed for beginner and intermediate adults (over 18) to learn and improve - Skating - Stance - Stick Handling - Skating with the Puck - Passing - Receiving - Shooting - Positioning - Playing Forward - Playing Defence - Deking & Dangles - Rules of Hockey - Overall Fitness and Much More...!

We have multiple coaches on the ice during the sessions who help, advise and guide players through the many drills. We also have 2 or more goalies and use tutor shooters in the nets as well as a host of other training aids to keep the sessions highly enjoyable.

You will probably have many questions about the camp like what drills do we do? What skill level is it for? How does it all work?.... So to help answer these and many other questions we have added a FAQ below to cover most of what you will want to know.

To find out more check out the FAQ's below or drop us an email with any questions you might still have.

UPDATE -- Summer Camp 2023 -- June & July 2023


THURSDAY 1st June - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 8th June - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 15th June - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 22nd June - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 29th June - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 6th July - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 13th July - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

THURSDAY 20th July - 9.30pm - 11.30pm

After the super successful 2022 Summer Camp we are doing it all over again in 2023!!

Weekly, 2 hour sessions of hockey development drills.

A total of 16 hours of hockey coaching for only £320!

A deposit* of £80 to secure your spot, with the balance of £240 due on 1st May.

If you're interested in this June & July 2023 Summer Camp - Please get in touch ASAP as we are almost full with only a few places left!

Email us for booking details:

*Non refundable deposit.

Current Session Dates and Times

Please email us if you're interested in the 2023 Spring Camp as we have a few spaces available each week.... Dates & Costs below.

Winter/Spring Camp - 2023

Tuesday 7th Mar – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 21st Mar – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 4th Apr – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 18th Apr – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 2nd May – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 16th May – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Tuesday 30th May – 11.15pm – 12.30am

Fixed and upfront price per month as follows.

March 2023 - 2 sessions = £32

April 2023 - 2 sessions = £36 (Rink Price Increase)

May 2023 - 3 sessions = £54 (Rink Price Increase)




The drills are aimed at adult beginner and intermediate players. We currently have adult players who are comletely new to the game having only done 'Stick & Puck' before whereas others have completed Hockey Camps or are already involved in Rec Hockey or Mens/Ladies League Hockey. Whatever your skill this is a great camp for you to work on your game.


The drills are not so much Player vs Player, they are skill development drills where you can work on your own game in each drill whilst interacting with others but not in a competitive scenario, you can take it at your pace without the fear of messing up or holding up others on the ice, we find this gives players a relaxed mind which helps them quickly improve.


There are so many drills that we will be doing at the camp that it is easier to tell you about the way we will go about them. So we will not be doing drills for the sake of doing drills, for each one we will be explaining the fundamentals of how you do it, what I mean by this is we will be explaining how to improve your stance, your stick position, your skating stride, keeping your head up, where the puck should be in relation to you and your stick and many other tips, all to get the best out of you and the drill.

As I said above they are not player vs player so for every drill you will have a puck and be working on skating, stick handling, passing, receiving, shooting and a few nice little dekes & dangles that help give you more time with the puck when playing competitively.




It is very varied, we have players that have only done stick & puck sessions and now looking to progress their game to the next level. We have players that have been playing Rec for several years and want to learn more about the game. We also have players that have been out of the game for 20+ years due to kids or work commitments who have decided they want to play again so need the development drills to help them get the muscle memory and fitness back.


It's for over 18's only. Most are 30 - 50 yrs old but we do have a couple of 18-25's and a couple of 60+ guys attending. Both male and female players from all over, many I have coached before.


There is no actual team off ice sessions, but there is homework for the players to do! We have some great reference videos for you to watch. It's very important that players watch these videos as these are some of the techniques we will be working on in the sessions.

You'll need to find and clear area in your house or garden and watch with a stick & gloves on and practice everything shown. It takes 1000 hours to build muscle memory for each techinique so time spent at home doing it correctly helps so much.

Hope this answers some questions for you, any further questions message us as we're happy to help.



David A - Great first session good balance of drills & some great tip.

Ciaran L - Thanks for that first session really enjoyed it, great skate.

Jess V - Wow I'm nakered that was an awesome session, can't wait for next week.

Mark A - AWESOME Session last night, loved the player on player stuff.

Yvette C - Thank you for running the camp, it's extremely helpful everyone is loving it.

Matt B - Loved it last week it was awesome, used the chasing the puck drill in a scrimmage and scored twice!

Bart Z - Thanks for the great sessions, makes me reflect & work on all those basic skills desperatly needed in hockey.

Rufus H - Excellent hockey camp. Real in-game focused training and skills to score more goals and also get around the defence. Lots to build on and practice and take away at the end. Would recommend!

Jake H - The coaches were amazing and attentive to each players needs, really well thought out session plan and adjustments to the groups needs. Really looking forward to the next one

Igor 0 - I attended the bootcamp this Summer and enjoyed every minute of it. The program is packed with drills - no idle cycles, unless for a sip on water. It is not only about stick and puck handling skills but it also brings one’s physic up a level. Luckily, the camp is to carry on through the rest of the year, and I am in already.



Here are a few reference videos that help explain some of the things we will be working on in the camp. These videos are uploaded to Youtube by other coaches mainly from North America. We have picked these out for you as they're very well explained so you can watch at home with gloves and stick to get a feel for the positioning required for each movement. Enjoy.

youtube   SKATING


youtube   SHOOTING

youtube   SNAPSHOT 1

youtube   SNAPSHOT 2

youtube   SNAPSHOT 3

youtube   SNAPSHOT 4

youtube   BEAT D-MAN (1on1)

youtube   BEAT D-MAN (Under Stick)


youtube   PLAYING 1on1 DEFENSE